Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep track of my energy usage and know how much energy I've used/ saved/ stored?

Yes, netZED owner will have access to an energy dashboard showing how much renewable energy is used by netZED, how much supplied to the building during the day and how much used up during the night

How will I be billed?

Every month, depending on how much solar power was generated by netZED solar panels and how much of it was used by the building, You will receive either a bill or a credit by the sub-metering company at Aqualina. netZED is designed so the total net at the end of a year is equal to zero.

What happens if the building loses power?

If the building loses power during the day, netZED can still uses solar power generated by the panels on the roof but if the building loses power at night, then netZED loses power too.

Will my appliances work efficiently/ at the same power level as a "regular" suite?


Why isn't the whole building NetZED?

netZED relies on solar panels to generate enough renewable power to offset its consumption. The more netZED suites at a building the more solar panels are needed on the roof of the building. Because of the limited space available on a typical condo building’s roof, the number of netZED suites is limited too.

Will my energy bill be zero?

netZED is designed so the total energy bills over a calendar year is equal to zero.

Will I be selling energy back to the grid?

No. But a netZED suite can lend excess solar power to the host building utilizing it as a battery. The same amount of power can be called back at night or when solar power generation is interrupted.

Is there a chance that I won’t be zero energy…could I be such a horrible consumer of energy that I could mess the model up?

netZED was designed based on typical occupant behavior, you’ll always have access to energy but if the netZED is utilized in a way that contradicts its design intent, then net zero energy could be compromised.

Does netZED use solar power?

Yes. Designed to be self-sufficient use during the day when solar power is available.

How much do I need to invest upfront?

It’s all included in the netZED unit price.

Can I create more energy than what I need and earn money?

That is possible, but it is contingent on availability of excess solar power generation and lower usage profile than what netZED was designed for.

What about safety and health? Any issues with radiation of new equipment?

No radiation or sources of radiation on a netZED home .